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Titanic, by David R. Slavitt
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About David R. Slavitt

About the author



David Slavitt is a renowned poet, novelist, poetry and drama translator, editor, journalist, and critic.  He has completed over 70 books, and continues his work today.  He was  born in White Plains, New York, in 1935.  Slavitt graduated with a B.A. Degree from Yale, where he was elected Class Poet in 1956.  He returned to his 45th Yale class reunion in 2001, where he recited poetry with two former classmates.  Slavitt completed his Masters Degree in English at Colombia University.

Some of David Slavitt's poetry includes The Walls of Thebes, Repetition, Guts, and Falling from Silence:  Poems.  He has translated text from Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, and Spanish, which has included The Metamorphoses of Ovid, and The Book of the Twelve Prophets.  Some of his novels include The Cliff, and Aspects of the Novel:  A Novel.  He is noted to be amusing, witty, vivid and direct; a satirist with an elegant way with words. 


David Slavitt has received awards from the Pennsylvania Council on Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation Artists Residence, and National Endowment for the Arts.  He has previously been a movie editor for Newsweek and continues to do freelance reporting.  Slavitt has taught at Princeton University and Univerisity of Pennsylvania and continues giving workshops and readings at prestigious institutions that include Harvard, the Library of Congress, and Bennington.  David Slavitt has proven himself to be an extremely talented and accomplished poet and writer who has opened many doors to readers.

To read some of David Slavitt's other poems, please visit the following site where you can read some of his other works:  

Please visit this site featuring an article called A Day in the Life of David R. Slavitt, from 1999.  You will be able to get to know him better!


"Slavitt is a master satirist, whose elegant, irreverent prose
is full of witty quotations that we want to read aloud to friends."

--Edward Hower, Philadelphia Inquirer